Rome,  21st november and  6th december the two days when you can understand the future of the so called Islamic State.


21ST of November  2018

“The world after the Islamic State”

What happened to ISIS after the defeats suffered in the Middle East? Does this organization still exist? In which states is it still present And above all: is it still capable of being offensive?

These are the questions that the book “The world after the Islamic State” tries to provide an answer, in fact, the text written by a group of experts of the subject, describes and analyzes in an effective way, and clear the phenomenon of international jihadism, proposing beyond the crono-geographical analysis of the Isis phenomenon, also what could be, according to the analysts of the sector, the probable drifts that this phenomenon could produce in the future. The work is located among those of a scientific and informative nature and has the enormous merit of giving the phenomenon a global vision that gives the possibility also to the reader “not in charge of the work” to have a precise idea of ​​what the extent of the phenomenon is.

The book edited by Paesi Edizioni will be presented Wednesday the 21ST November in the Italian House pf Parliament, Press Room ( via della Missione, 4, starting at 17.30 hrs).

Mrs. Dr. Emanuela Tocci from the Turin University will moderate the three top book writers and experts that will illustrate the current situation in the area of ​​influence of what was the Islamic State and will respond to the demands of the public.

Luciano Tirinnanzi: author of the book / Journalist of Panorama and expert on international relations;

Giuseppe Morabito: General Army co-author of the book / Member of the Directorate of the NATO Defense College Foundation;

Alfredo Mantici: former Head of the Analysis SISDE and Editorial Director Cross-Border News

For accreditation, contact Ms Michela Mercuri by Monday the 19TH November CoB,


6th of December 2018

“Targeting the de-materialised “Caliphate” – Extremism, radicalisation and illegal trafficking”

How much did counterterrorism accomplish? While recent operations against Jihadist groups such as the “Islamic State” and Al-Qaeda have been successful in taking away their territorial power, the redeployment of some groups and the resilience of others remain a major concern on the international level. The efforts of the international community are rebalancing from military operations towards a more diversified and flexible approach: current objectives try to disrupt the recruitment including propaganda, extremist ideas and radicalisation hatcheries. Nevertheless, local governments and the international community have yet to adapt effectively and improve their regional cooperation. Starting from the examination of terrorist groups’ reorganisation, structuring and funding, the conference aims to address such a complex set of issues, providing future prospects.

The High-Level Conference is organised by the NATO Defense College Foundation in co-operation with the NATO Defense College. It will take place in Rome at the Centro Congressi Roma Eventi – Piazza di Spagna, Via Alibert 5/a.

The conference is structured around three panels:

  • The state of main terrorist theatres and counterterrorism priorities;
  • The mapping and targeting of illegal funding of terrorist groups;
  • The integration of countering violent extremism tools hand in hand with counterterrorism for effective actions against a volatile terrorist adversary.


Fifteen highly qualified speakers will attend the conference.

Among the speakers: Peter Neumann, Director, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King’s College, London; Louise Shelley, Director, Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center, Fairfax; Matthew Levitt, Director, Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, Washington Institute, Washington D.C.; Alessandra Roccasalvo, Deputy Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme, Pristina; Magnus Ranstorp, Research Director, Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies, Swedish National Defence University, Stockholm.

For accreditation, contact the NDCF Press and Communication Office: Sofia Mastrostefano –, by Tuesday 4TH December CoB.